Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sew Delicious

Princess Magic at work!
Out in Carseland, delicious things are happening.  That's where Brenda Stuart-Berry resides, with her husband, son, two mischevious barn cats and a kitchen that is magical.

At least, I think it's magical.  That's the only explanation I can come up with for why my husband reacts the way he does to her baking.  Either that, or she sneaks crack into the fondant.  Nah, Brenda is too much of a sweetheart for that; I think it's magic.

Check out that gold leaf on the binding!

For my last birthday, I was treated to an amazing cake from Sew Delicious.  It was, in fact, the perfect cake for a voracious reader and writer, and happened to be delicious, but this wasn't my only sampling of Brenda's cakes.  In fact, you may have enjoyed one yourself, as they spring up at numerous events around town, including Quality Dog Grooming's customer appreciation parties, and events at Shoppers Drug Mart.

 Without a doubt, her cakes are beautiful, and always designed with a personal touch for the recipient.  I've seen her come up with cars, houses, laptops, game controllers, a rack of ribs and even a mountain with a tunnel that a train could move through for a very special Thomas the Tank Engine birthday party.  Whatever the subject matter is, Brenda carries it off with grace and style.

It seems almost unfair to show this when you can't taste it...
And that isn't even touching on the beauty and elegance of her wedding cakes.  Sitting down at a cake testing with Brenda is a special event.  She lays out a pretty table for her brides and grooms, with a selection of her wares, so that the nuptual pair can mix and match to their hearts content, rather than try to imagine what the frosting from this cake would taste like on that other cake with the frosting they hate. Really, when I had a tasting for my wedding cake, I just had to guess.  This is a way better solution.  Plus, you get more cake.

As for the flavours and compositions of her cakes,  Brenda has most bakeries beat from the get-go.  She offers unique options, such as her pina colada which is moist and bursting with coconut and pineapple, and makes her fondant from scratch, which means it isn't that nasty stuff you have to peel off to get to the good part of the cake; it's delicious in and of itself.  My husband is a big fan of both her fondant and of her lemon vanilla cake.  As a southern girl at heart, I really can't get over her red velvet, which is a deep, rich red, moist, and full of chocolate flavour.

Whatever you choose, when you order your wedding cake from Sew Delicious, you can rest assured that you'll be happy with the beautiful and tasty results.  Even better, while you're out there for a tasting, you can have your wedding dress or suits altered, have flower girl (or bridal) dresses made, or shop for pretty accessories like ring bearer pillows in your own custom wedding colors.  On top of the baking, Brenda is also an expert seamstress.

Check out these beautiful items from her display at the Bridal Show in Strathmore!

You can find Brenda on the web at or give her a call at 403-361-1060.  You can also drop her an email at to book an appointment. She comes to Strathmore at least three times a week for pick-ups and drop-offs, but visiting her out in Carseland is a must for fittings and tastings.  It's about a twenty minute drive from town, a bit more if you get stuck behind a slow freight train at the crossing.  Overall, Brenda gets five stars for stellar and beautiful work, and a smile that can brighten anyone's day.


  1. Congrats Brenda! I have yet to meet this talented lady but just by viewing her work online I am a HUGE fan and have been referring customers her way and hope to also have a bday cake for my little one's bday in July done by Brenda! Great review :)

  2. Brenda was actually the worst thing that happened to my wedding dress. She took on a job that was way out of her realm and instead of taking ownership in that, she blamed the ill-fitting dress on my 1/4 inch loss to my obliques. She simply did not leave enough time to do a good job, as she had taken on too much. She told me I had two options; continue losing weight and my dress would look like s***, or maintain my weight, despite me feeling uncomfortable. She proceeded to give my instructions on how to target other areas of my body except for my obliques, which is ridiculous. To put things into perspective, I am 5'3" and was 126 pounds and am now maybe 123 pounds. When I picked up my dress, it looked awful. So much material in the waste that she said would not be there. When I made a comment about it she told me that would be fine because I would have a bouquet covering it. She was supposed to synch below to but to give shape, but that didn't work. She then proceeded to tell my mom, despite no comment being made about not paying, that she had to pay in full before we leave. She then deleted my mom from Facebook, as well as my friend-her client for 7 years-who recommended her. She has not responded to apologize or see how I am feeling, despite me admitting maybe there were communication issues on my side as well. She's an awful business person. She also gave my friend a cake of a character for her 7 year olds party with no face, and made no apologies and offered no money back for one of two $90 cakes she purchased. Brenda is NOT good at her job or people relations and was the worst decision I could have made.